Prime Minister of Mongolia S.Bayar met with United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on March 26.

During the meeting, UN consultations focused on the activities of the United Nations and the actions undertaken by Mongolia under the Millennium Development Goals. Prime Minister S. Bayar confirmed that Mongolia is ready to take part in the UN peacekeeping operations and both sides agreed that Mongolia should work together to make the Tavan Tolgoi military training center closer to regional level.

In addition, the President of Mongolia has proposed to the Secretary-General of the United Nations Secretariat to employ Mongolians in high and large positions. At present, more than 10 Mongolian citizens are serving in the United Nations.

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Ban Ki-moon welcomed Prime Minister S.Bayar’s invitation to visit Mongolia as a Secretary-General of the United States while he was working as a Foreign Minister of the Republic of Korea.

On that day, Prime Minister S.Bayar participated in the Socialist International Conference in New York as Chairman of the MPRP.

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He briefly summarized the socio-economic situation of Mongolia, the results of parliamentary elections and the situation after the election. He said, “Having overcome political barriers, Mongolia has agreed on the efforts of the joint government and the effective use of economic opportunities in the country.”

Following the election of the Socialist International Conference, the MPRP headquarters condemned the massacre of humanity and threatened the massacre of cultural heritage and expressed its willingness to provide the MPRP with psychological and material assistance.

Prime Minister of Mongolia S. Bayar arrived in Washington, DC on September 26th. He met the supporters of the Mongolian Congress in the United States this morning.

The group is headed by members of Congress, Joseph Pitt and Zhou Wilson, who briefly present the relations between the two parliaments and parliament. The United States and Mongolia Friendship Congress in Congress was established in 2004, and congressman J.Pitt initiated the Resolution 828 of Congress on the occasion of the 800th anniversary of the establishment of the Great Mongolian State. This resolution strengthened the strategic, political, economic, educational and cultural ties between the two countries, trade relations, and investment promotion.

The Mongolian support group was first established with six members, now it has 15 members. Congressman J. Wilson says, “My two sons are in military service in Iraq. I’m proud that Mongolian warriors are working with my two sons in a peacekeeping mission. So I am a member of the US-Mongolia Friendship Group, and I believe it’s an honor to be in charge of strengthening our children’s friendship and friendship with the two peoples. ”

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Prime Minister S.Bayar expressed his gratitude to the members of the group and expressed the current socio-economic situation of Mongolia, the future of relations and cooperation of the two countries, the parliamentary elections, the goals and activities of the newly formed joint government.